Round Battle – shooting game

Shoot, dodge, push down your opponent! Use weapons and win the match!

Round Battle!

Round Battle


A new, funny and free 3D shooter game for your smartphone! Use your fingers to destroy your opponent, in a lot of 3D environments, with a bunch of weapons and using your skill!


Fight your battle in the arena and try to push down your enemy with kicks or bombs! Dodge, jump and shoot in this free top down shooter with cute 3D isometric graphic. Follow the learnings of your wise master and get to the top of the world tournament of Round Battle, where there aren’t rules!

Take advantage of the 3D arena to surprise your opponent: hidden passages, random events, switches and much more, but be careful, your competitors can be really hard to defeat!
To help you in battle you can use everything you’ll find: bombs, mines, shotguns, lasers and much more weapons and power-ups!

You can also upgrade yourself to make the battle easier, like in every shooter game: change your character, put on your favourite hat and find the best combination between attack, defense and speed! Conquer the arena! Win the Round Battle!

The game is amazingly easy to play but hard to master, and is perfect for both children and adults, hardcore gamers and casual gamers! Oh, it’s FREE!

This 3D isometric shooter should run smooth on every phone, even the older ones!♫
Play for free and have fun!!!