Hand draw 3D pose tool -draw hands!

3D tool with a hand ready to pose for artists reference.Learn how to draw hands! Hand draw 3D pose tool!

Hand Draw 3D


How to use:

Pose the hand freely with your fingers! Just tap on a 3D virtual finger and pose it to create beautiful and realistic figures to draw hands.
If you want to learn to draw hands this 3D app can be really useful, it comes with a bunch of pre-made poses and it allows you to create every possible hand – pose with just a few touches!


►Create your pose

►3 customizable lights!
►12 default hand postures
►Different 3D materials
►Different backgrounds
►Draw help with grids
►Save and load functions
►Rotate, zoom, move the 3D view
►Fingers constraints – always natural behavior
►Left / right hand drawing reference

Learn now how to draw hands with the aid of this 3D tool!